Women’s Back Tattoo Designs


woman’s back can be very sexy indeed and with the right tattoo design, even sexier.

Your back is a great place to ink a tattoo. There is lots of muscle play in this area to lend a sense of movement to your design.

Your back has plenty of room if you want to go large with your tat, and there are some very sexy and intimate areas as well.

Tribal Back Tattoo Design

Well placed back tattoos can be very sexy. This tribal butterfly tattoo design is complemented by a Chinese ideogram.

Tattoo Designs for Shoulder Blades

If you’re thinking of a back tattoo and are unsure of where it should placed the shoulder blade area is a good place to start.

A small tattoo like a colorful butterfly goes well in this area but so does a long and sleek design with a portion of the tattoo slipping around or up and over the shoulder to reveal just a provocative hint of itself from the front.

A large tattoo such as a dramatic Phoenix can also start from the shoulder. From there it can wind around your side and finish up twisting around to your stomach or disappear from site under your clothes at your waist line. Very mysterious and provocative.

High Between the Shoulder Blades

Many people seem to like to use the area between the shoulder blades for a small tattoo. In my opinion this area for a small tat is too timid. A small tattoo should not be centered. If you want to ink the area between your shoulder blades, go large. Let the tattoo writhe sexily down your spine.

Lower Back Tattoo Design

The lower back is a great area for a tattoo. It’s a large canvas and the possibilities here are endless. A large centered tribal tattoo design is striking in this area and so are flashes of color. Remember, there are no rules. Tribal designs can have color, too.

The lower back is also an excellent place for tattoo designs that seem to point suggestively at your sexy bottom. If you mean to show off your lower back tattoo in public make sure it’s flat enough, or high enough, to not be partially covered by your jeans. When you consult with your tattoo artist be sure to be wearing the style of jeans you wear them most so he or she can judge exact placement

The lower back is also great for small off-center designs. A colorful dragon fly, his wings all ablur, or even a coiled snake.

Your lower back is also a good starting point for long and sinewy tattoo designs. Start at the hip and allow the ink to flow down your thigh in sensuous curves.

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